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Time to go on HOLIDAYS!

Time to travel the land of my soul

Hello dear Stitchers,

this shop and my Etsy shop will both re open on May 6th.

I'll not check messages so please be kind and patience, I'll be on holidays and I'll take care of emails only every couple of days. If you are waiting for your order be sure it will be mailed this week because my helpers are not on holidays lol, we got a massive number of orders and we are trying to mail as fast as possible but everything is HANDMADE and requires time.

Please note we mail with tracking then do not worry :)

We treasure your happiness!!!!

Tomorrow I'll present the EARLY STITCHER'S CLUB 2024 and I'll explain you a lot of weird things LOL. Stay tuned because my holidays are always a lil bit stitchy and crafty too!

Thanks for visiting and read you soon.

Thanks again



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