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FURRY BABIES: Pins, fobs and Thread keeps

Created by The Resting Eagle in exclusive for the Primitive Hare

Hello Stitchers! Day by day I will talk to you about the cuties I’ll sell at Nashville market. These pins and fobs are all handmade and painted one by one by my friend Cam Garlic, owner of The Resting Eagle. They are limited. I accept pre orders and then we will need patience: all of us lol.

The thread keeps are my hubby own production and I’m always pleased to remind you that the wood come from monitored and protected woods those are actually growing in extension and wealth. And they are not treated with chemicals of any kind!

PLACE YOUR ORDER BY YOUR LNS if you are in Usa or Canada or Uk. Thanks. If you are in another part of our lovely planet feel free to place your order with me sending me a message:

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