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FURRY BABIES: includes 3 patterns.

Stitched by Elisabetta.B on 40 ct Olde Massachusetts Linen.

Finished by Paola Endrizzi (La Pica De Uva)

Hello Stitchers of the world, day by day I want to present you my Nashville releases one by one. Furry Babies is dedicated to all the furry moms and dads in the stitching world LOL. As I do not have kids I think at my pets as my babies... and my model stitcher Elisabetta stitched these pillows probably cuddling her mini furry baby LOL... Useless to say that my babies must approve all my guests and if you do not want to have all around dogs, cats, bunnies and turtles, well... the best thing to do is to chose to visit another friend and not me. Luckily my hubby is of the same advice.

Usually I do not write a lot, but animals almost saved my life during the last 4 years: they supported me in many bad moments and they also helped me in understanding important lessons. But I think you know I treasure animals ... immensely.

PLACE YOUR ORDER BY YOUR LNS if you are in Usa or Canada or Uk.  Thanks. If you are in another place of our lovely planet feel free to place your order with me sending me a message:

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