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Hello dear little wicked Hares! I'm glad to present you my 2023 CALENDAR. The calendar is professionally printed and it includes 12 patterns, the calendar pages with moons and major festivities, color pictures of the projects, color keys...

You can order it by your LNS, they have already received my email and can place their orders to me

Stitched on: Boleyn linen 30 ct Old Salem linen30 ct White snowflakes linen 30 ct Ancient stones linen 30 ct Royal bee linen 30 ct

Crispy October 30 ct linen

I tried my best to design something with a deep meaning for each month. In order to offer a hight quality product I print this calendar in cooperation with a professional printing and graphic studio. I know that it is a lil bit expensive, but unfortunately paper and inks are more and more expensive. I did not increase my price , I prefered to renounce to a part of my incomes.

I hope you'll love this unique calendar, made with love and professionality.

Thanks so much, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND HAPPY SOLSTICE! A super special thanks to Elisabetta B. Thanks so much sweetheart, you are the best model stitcher a designer could wish <3


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